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Do you have any questions about your current rental with Europcar Guyane? Whether you want to extend your rental period or are experiencing difficulties, our FAQ section is here to help. We've carefully compiled all the essential information to guide you step-by-step through each stage of your rental process. This resource is designed to provide quick and clear answers to all your questions, ensuring a smooth and efficient rental experience. However, if your questions remain unanswered, our team is ready to assist you. You can reach us easily by phone at +594 694 35 18 27 or by e-mail at

At Europcar Guyane, we are committed to making your stay in Guyana as enjoyable as possible.

Topic 1: Extending your car rental contract

Of course, you can extend your reservation at any time. However, please note that this may have an impact on the total cost of your car rental, and the feasibility of this extension will depend on the availability of our vehicles. For more information and to request an extension, please contact us on +594 594 35 18 27.

Topic 2 : A problem with the car rental

In the event of an accident, your first priority is to ensure the safety of all passengers in the rental vehicle.Next, we recommend that you immediately contact our 24/7 assistance service on 05 96 30 67 82. To deal with the situation, please complete an accident report with all parties involved. Be sure to submit this accident report to our rental agency within 5 days. This is essential to deal effectively with any claims or problems arising from the accident.

The accident report can be found in the glove compartment of your rental car.

You should call the police directly, by dialing 17, but also the assistance at 05 96 30 67 82

It is strictly forbidden for our rental vehicles to be repaired by the renter. Europcar French Guiana has its own network of approved garages for the repair of its vehicles.

You must contact the assistance service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 05 96 30 67 82

Topic 3 : Refueling

You can find this information either on your rental contract, on a sticker near the fuel filler flap, or on the car's key-ring. In case of doubt, you'll also find a copy of the vehicle registration document in your glove compartment.

Yes, it is essential for the lessee to return the electric vehicle fully charged.

The hirer must return the rental vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when he left. This information is noted on your contract.

Our FAQ pages are here to simplify your vehicle rental. They guide you from pick-up to drop-off, answering all your questions. You can also consult the following topics:

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