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Discover our nearest agency to Kourou

Discover our nearest agency in Kourou

Kourou is part of our network of 4 agencies in French Guiana. Its strategic location in the Pariacabo business park makes it easy for everyone to return your rental car and utility vehicle. It is indeed a relay, which allows you not to have to return to the original rental agency: ideal when your stay or your activity in French Guiana does not take the form of a loop circuit! Nearby, various establishments allow you to easily eat after the return of your rental car.

Rental agency relay: how does it work?

Thanks to its 4 agencies in French Guiana and the One-Way option, Europcar offers you the possibility of dropping off your rental car at a different location from the rental location. To take advantage of this service, you can select the One-Way option when you make your reservation online, or tell the agent on the phone that you do not wish to drop off your vehicle where you rented it. Book here, return your car somewhere else, that's the basis of the One-Way offer, valid for cars and vans. It is possible to take this option during the rental period, but validation from the office where you were initially supposed to return your car is essential. It is therefore not possible to reserve a rental car or a utility vehicle in Kourou : you can only drop off vehicles rented in Matoury or at Cayenne International Airport. The price for a one-way trip from Matoury or the airport to Kourou is 60 €. The same offer is possible by going to our relay in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. The price is then 120 €.

The advantages of a relay for the return of rental cars

The Guyanese coast is long, and the roads are few. It can be very tedious and complicated to bring a car back to its rental place. It is particularly the case when you have a precise and punctual objective. You will appreciate this type of service if you arrive at Cayenne international airport and have to go to Kourou for a business trip and you will not need to move once you reach your destination. The same is true in case of a move. To return a van to Matoury when you are moving from Cayenne to Kourou or a nearby town is absurd and unnecessarily complicates an already delicate organization. This is why the Kourou site is at your disposal to receive your rental car, which our teams will take care of bringing back to its original agency. One-Way is one of those offers designed to make your stay in French Guiana easier, to ensure an efficient service and to control your budget. Get straight to the point with our car return service in Kourou!

How to reach the relay of Kourou ?

Like all our agencies in French Guiana, the Pariacabo agency in Kourou is easy to reach, in a busy area where it is easy to get around and find your way. If you are coming from Matoury International Airport, you should allow an average of one hour to drive to Kourou with your rental car. If you are coming from the center of Cayenne, you should allow about 15 minutes more. The road network is not very developed in French Guiana, but it is better to anticipate the traffic that can be dense on the coastal road. In order to return your rental car within the indicated time, plan your departure so as not to find yourself in the middle of cars leaving for or returning from work.







Agency Manager : Sébastien Scholastique

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8am to 12:30pm and 13:30pm to 16:30pm Saturday and sunday : Closed

Which car to rent and return in Kourou?

There is no limit to the choice of vehicles you can rent in Kourou with the One-Way option. When you leave, when you select your rental car, you can freely choose the model that you like the most or that corresponds the most precisely to your needs. So don't hesitate to rent a van for your move, to take advantage of the attractive price offers of the economic vehicle range or to enjoy driving one of the prestige cars available in Matoury or at the airport. Your choice is unlimited. In addition, we emphasize the French construction of the cars available. You will find many Renault and Peugeot vehicles, both cars and vans, among our offers. Our 12 m3 Renault Master is ideal for transporting your belongings to Kourou, while the Renault Talisman is an ideal car to focus on comfort. Hybrid or gasoline, manual or automatic, the Clio is also one of the leading vehicles for getting around town or in heavy traffic.

Do you have a question for us? An opinion to ask us? Do you need more information on how our offers work or how to take out an insurance policy? We are committed to remain available to accompany you in the rental of your car, from its pick-up to its return. Book with peace of mind!

What to discover in Kourou with a rental car?

Depending on the time you have to return your rental car in the Pariacabo activity zone, take the opportunity to explore Kourou. While the city is best known for its space center or for the islands of Su Salut that face it but require some time to visit, Kourou also has activities that last a few hours. Just before returning your rental car or just after, go and relax on the very nice beach of Les Roches. Nearby, take a moment to admire the Dreyfus Tower, an elegant telegraph tower. Just a 15-minute walk from your car rental location, the Carapa Carved Rocks allow you to learn more about Native American culture without having to leave town.

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