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Cookies Policies with Europcar French Guiana

When you connect to the Site, GTM LOCATION may install various cookies on your terminal, provided that you have accepted them. In order to ensure the transparency of the personal data that we collect and process, we explain to you, through this policy relating to cookies, what a cookie is, what type of cookie is used, for what purpose and what are the means to manage these cookies. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on the hard disk of the terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, video game console connected to the Internet, ...) of an Internet user when consulting a website, an advertisement, reading an email, installing or using a software or a mobile application, regardless of the type of terminal used.

What cookies are used? We use cookies for a variety of purposes. This table gives more information about the purpose of the cookies used:

Name of the cookie


Shelf life


Facebook. Used for real-time bidding. No data saved.



Google Analytics. Unique code per user used to determine visits, sessions and campaign effectiveness. Anonymous data.

Google Standard, 2 years.


Google Analytics. Unique cookie per page visited to collect statistical data. Anonymous data.

24 hours


User session ID. User journey tracking.

Until the end of the browsing session


Cookie for tracking page shares on social networks

13 months

Our commitments

GTM LOCATION uses the same open source solution used by the CNIL, tarteaucitron.js, to respect your right to withdraw consent. This solution is hosted on our servers and is regularly updated by our services. In general, GTM LOCATION respects all the obligations imposed by the law on cookies. Thus, when you browse our website, a banner appears, informing you of the purpose of cookies, asking for your consent to their installation and explaining how to set them. This banner does not disappear until you continue your navigation, or until you go to another page of our site or click on an element of the site (image, link, "search" button). In fact, we inform you that the fact of continuing your navigation is analyzed as a consent and is worth agreement to the deposit of Cookies. The period of validity of the consent to the deposit of Cookies is 13 months maximum. At the end of this period, consent must be obtained again. Consequently, our Cookies have a maximum lifetime of 13 months after the first deposit in your terminal.

In order to respect your privacy, we would like to reassure you that the simple fact of visiting our site (home page or directly on another page of the site from a search engine for example) and not continuing to navigate does not mean that you have given your consent and does not lead to the installation of Cookies. Similarly, the simple fact of clicking on the link in the banner allowing you to set the parameters of the Cookies and, if necessary, to refuse the deposit of Cookies does not mean that you accept their installation. As long as you have not given your consent, no Cookie is deposited or read on your terminal. Refusing to give your consent does not prevent access to our website. Please note that some Cookies are not concerned by this consent obligation, in particular :

  • Shopping cart" cookies for a commercial site;

  • Session ID" cookies, for the duration of a session, or persistent cookies limited to a few hours in certain cases;

  • Authentication Cookies;

  • Session cookies created by a media player;

  • Load balancing session cookies;

  • Certain web analytics solutions (Analytics);

  • Persistent cookies used to personalize the user interface (choice of language or presentation).

For other cookies, their deposit is subject to your consent. By continuing to browse our site or using our features, you consent to the placement of these cookies. How to oppose the installation of third-party cookies? The management of third party cookies is done differently depending on the internet browser used. CHROME : Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings (located at the bottom of the page), then click on the Content settings button, then check the box Block cookies and data from third party sites, and finally click on OK to validate your choice. FIREFOX: Menu > Options > "Privacy" tabSet the "Retention rules" menu to "Use personalized settings for history". Finally, uncheck the box "Accept third party cookies". INTERNET EXPLORER : Menu > Internet Options > "Privacy" tab You must click on the "Advanced" button to bring up the Advanced Privacy Settings window. Then check the "Override automatic cookie handling" box, and select "Deny" in the "Third party cookies" column.

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