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French Guiana : A unique destination for a memorable summer vacation


Located in South America, French Guiana is a unique summer vacation destination. With a wide variety of landscapes and cultures, French Guiana offers many exciting activities to discover.

Find out everything you need to know about the weather, the best places to visit, events and activities not to be missed !

School vacations, the perfect time to visit Guyana

School vacations are the perfect opportunity to spend your vacations in French Guiana in summer and discover all the beauty of the destination.

With its many tourist attractions, this destination guarantees you a captivating and exotic stay. Guyana is an ideal place for lovers of wild landscapes, local cultures and traditions, and historical sites. It will meet all your expectations.

To make the most of your stay, you can choose from a wide variety of hotels and accommodations to suit all budgets.

So don't wait any longer, pack your bags and come explore French Guiana during the school vacations !

The weather in July and August in French Guiana

The climate in French Guiana is hot and humid throughout the year, but there is a slight difference between the seasons. In July and August, we observe the tropical wave period. It is between the wet season (April, May and June) and the dry season (September to the end of November).

In July and August, the average temperature is 30°C, with high humidity. Rainfall is also higher during this period, so it is important to bring appropriate clothing to cope with the humidity.

Activities to do in summer in French Guiana

Hiking in the rainforest

French Guiana is known for its dense and diverse Amazonian forest. Hiking is therefore a popular activity to do during the summer months.

The rainforest offers a variety of trails. There is something for everyone. From quiet walks to more strenuous routes for the seasoned hiker. The hikes also offer the opportunity to observe the local fauna and flora.

Discovery of the Guianese culture

Guiana is a French overseas territory, and has a unique cultural richness. The discovery of the Guyanese culture is therefore an activity not to be missed. Creole cuisine, dance, music and local crafts are all worth discovering. The local markets are a great place to experience Guyanese culture.

Here is a list of additional activities to do during your trip :

  • Visit the Maroni River, the longest river in French Guiana, whose median line is the border with Suriname.

  • observe the laying of leatherback turtles

  • Visit the marshes of Kaw

  • Visit the main islets in French Guiana (Salvation Island, Royal Island, Devil's Island)

Relaxation on the beaches of Guyana

French Guiana also has beautiful beaches where it is possible to relax and enjoy the sun. The most popular beaches are Montjoly beach, Hattes beach and Kourou beach. These beaches are also ideal for water activities such as surfing and kitesurfing.


Places to visit in July and August in French Guiana

Discover the city of Cayenne

Discovering the city of Cayenne is a must during your stay in French Guyana. It is a city rich in history and culture, which is full of treasures to discover.

Visit the Cayenne market to taste exotic culinary specialties and meet the friendly locals.

Visit the Place des Palmistes, Saint-Sauveur Cathedral and Fort Cépérou. Learn more about the city's fascinating history. You will feel transported to another world as you explore this fascinating and lively city.

The city of Remire Montjoly

Located in the department of Guyana, Remire Montjoly is a charming coastal town that is well worth a visit. This destination is ideal for all travelers looking for tranquility, relaxation and discovery of a rich and colorful local culture.

The peaceful atmosphere of its palm-lined streets and its proximity to nature also make it a perfect choice for adventurers. Remire Montjoly offers sandy beaches, scenic hiking trails and historical sites. And there's even more to discover.

Some places to visit :

  • the Loyola house

  • the Vidal house

  • Fort Diamant (classified as a historical monument)

  • The Abbatis Evrard (classified as a historical monument)

  • Places of worship (Sainte-Thérèse de Montjoly church, Saint-François-Xavier de Remire-Montjoly church...)

Other city you will like to discover : Saint Laurent du Maroni

The Guiana Space Center

Located in French Guiana, the space center is a fascinating place to visit for all astronomy and technology lovers. The Guiana Space Center is the launch base for European rockets, with a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

By visiting this center, you can discover the secrets of space and meet experts in the field !

The space museum will introduce you to the most important missions in space exploration. You can learn more about the different types of rockets and the technologies used for launches.

Visiting the space center in Guyana is an unforgettable experience that will allow you to discover space exploration in a fun and interactive way.


© Credits : CNES/ESA/Arianespace/Optique Vidéo CSG/P Baudon, 2020

Rent a car for your summer vacation in Guyana

If you are planning to visit Guyana, the best way to explore the natural wonders and historical sites would be to rent a car. Renting a car in French Guiana allows you :

  • have more flexibility in your travels

  • design your own itinerary

You can visit Montjoly beach in the morning, explore the beautiful city of Cayenne in the afternoon, and then sail on the Maroni River.

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience in this beautiful region with Europcar Guiana !

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