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Discover the Kaw Marshes with Europcar French Guiana

Kaw Marshes in French Guiana

Explore the Kaw Marshes, a destination in its own right that transports you to a unique universe. Picture yourself gliding on the tranquil waters of Guyana, surrounded by lush nature as far as the eye can see. This stop is a must during your visit to Guyana. The Kaw Marshes represent an ecosystem of exceptional richness. Established in 1998, this nature reserve covers nearly 94,700 hectares, providing a haven for a multitude of plant and animal species. In this article, we invite you to discover the five reasons to visit the Kaw Marshes. This destination is brimming with treasures to explore. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or a nature enthusiast, the Kaw Marshes will captivate you with their authenticity and wild beauty.

Black Caiman, Kaw Swamp

Les 5 raison de visiter les Marais de Kaw

🦅Reason 1: The Kaw Marshes, Incredible Biodiversity

The Kaw Marshes are home to remarkable biodiversity, hosting hundreds of protected species, some of which are unique in the world. Icons like the Black Caiman and the Scarlet Ibis coexist with unusual creatures such as the Hoatzin and the Atipa. With 98 mammal species, 535 bird species, as well as an impressive variety of amphibians and reptiles, these marshes constitute a true paradise for nature lovers. Each encounter with the local fauna promises an unforgettable experience, enriching your exploration of the Kaw Marshes.

🛶 Reason 2: Immersive Overnight Experience

Experience a truly immersive adventure by spending the night on the tranquil waters of the Kaw Marshes. Providers like Jal and Morpho offer floating eco-lodges where you can stay, allowing you to wake up surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature. Choose from a variety of excursion options to explore the fauna and flora of the marshes, each promising unforgettable encounters with Guyana's wildlife.

🏞️ Reason 3: Rich Historical Heritage

Delve into the rich historical heritage of the Kaw Marshes, where traces of ancient civilizations and colonial settlements await discovery. Explore the Favard Mountain trail to uncover the ruins of a colonial-era plantation and ancient Amerindian rock engravings. Learn about the indigenous people who once inhabited the region and marvel at their ingenuity in constructing defensive structures like the "éperon barré" to protect their villages.

🐊 Reason 4: Black Caiman Observation

The Kaw Marshes are renowned for harboring the largest population of Black Caimans in France, making it the second-largest population worldwide. As a fully protected species in France, these impressive reptiles serve as icons of the local biodiversity. Visitors have the unique opportunity to observe these predators in their natural habitat, providing an unforgettable wildlife experience.

🏝️ Reason 5: Authentic Village Experience

No visit to the Kaw Marshes is complete without a stop at the authentic village of Kaw. Once a thriving community with over 6,000 inhabitants, Kaw now offers a tranquil glimpse into its past, with only a few dozen residents remaining. Explore the village, which served as the backdrop for the Canal+ series "Guyane," and discover iconic locations from the show. Indulge in the local cuisine, including the famed Atipa fish prepared in various traditional styles, for a true taste of Kaw's culture and heritage. The Kaw Marshes represent much more than just a tourist destination. Explore its trails, observe its wildlife, delve into its past, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of its village. A visit to the Kaw Marshes promises a deep connection with the nature and culture of French Guiana.

ℹ️ Practical information

How to get to the Kaw Marshes?

To reach the Kaw Marshes from Cayenne, follow the directions to Régina via the eastern road (RN2). At the Stoupan junction, turn left towards Roura. Cross the bridge over the Mahury River and, in the village of Roura, turn left at the end of the road, then right at the end. You will then take the road through the Kaw Mountain forest for approximately 50 kilometers, which will take about 1 hour. Along the way, you will pass by the Camp-Caïman lodge, located halfway, before reaching the landing stage. Once on site, park your vehicle in the Kaw Landing parking lot to begin your exploration of the Kaw Marshes.

What type of car to take to go to the Kaw Marshes?

It is highly recommended to have a suitable 4x4 vehicle to navigate the forest road leading to the Kaw landing stage. If you do not have access to such a vehicle, consider renting an appropriate car to ensure a comfortable and safe journey to the Kaw landing stage.

Where are the Kaw Marshes located ?

Situated approximately 90 kilometers southeast of Cayenne, the Kaw Marshes span the communes of Roura and Régina in French Guiana.

When is the best time to visit the Kaw Marshes ?

The optimal time to visit the Kaw Marshes is during the dry season, which typically extends from September to February, when water levels are lower and visiting conditions are ideal. However, it is always recommended to check the weather conditions before planning your trip.

What activities are available at the Kaw Marshes ?

Once on site, you'll have the opportunity to participate in various activities, such as boat excursions, hiking trails, and stays in floating eco-lodges for an immersive experience in the heart of the marshes.

What equipment should you bring to the Kaw Marshes ?

For a successful visit to the Kaw Marshes, it is essential to be well-prepared. Here are some items to bring :

  • Binoculars : For observing wildlife in its natural habitat and not missing out on the wonders of nature

  • Headlamp : Useful for evening or early morning excursions when light is low. Rain gear: Showers can be frequent in French Guiana, so it's important to stay dry during your explorations

  • Sunscreen and hat : To protect yourself from the sun's UV rays, especially if you plan outdoor activities

  • Flip-flops : To allow you to move comfortably on wet terrain or during boat trips. Swimsuit and towel: If you plan to swim or refresh yourself in the rivers of the Kaw Marshes

  • Toiletry kit : With essential items to ensure your comfort during your stay. Don't forget your camera to capture the memorable moments of your visit to the Kaw Marshes. With these preparations, you'll be ready to fully enjoy this unique nature experience

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