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Discover the Kaw Marshes with Europcar French Guiana

Kaw, the second nature reserve of France

The second largest nature reserve in France with a surface area of 94,700 hectares, the Kaw-Roura marshes nature reserve is composed of floating savannah swamps irrigated by the Angélique creek and the Kaw river. It is accessible only by river.


Explore hundreds of protected species

The plain and the mountain of Kaw are known for their exceptional biodiversity. Indeed, the forest of the Kaw Mountain has the highest rainfall in French Guiana, which would explain why it served as a refuge for fauna and flora during the periods of great drought of the Pleistocene era. 54% of the protected species of French Guiana are present in the nature reserve including the black caiman, the manatee, the giant otter and the Guiana otter or the jaguar or the atel.


The Kaw reserve shelters rare species, in the process of extinction and whose geographical distribution is very limited such as the black caiman or the red ibis and unusual species such as the crested hoazin or the atipa. The Kaw region is exceptionally rich in bird species since it hosts 535 species or 74% of the avifauna of French Guyana. 74 species of amphibians and 103 species of reptiles have been inventoried in the whole area. Among these are 4 species of caiman: the red caiman, the gray caiman, the spectacled caiman and the black caiman.

Take advantage of your stay to explore the marine biodiversity of French Guiana by doing some sport fishing, or by or by doing nautical activities in Guyana

Renting a car in Guyana will allow you to take the Kaw trail and discover the caimans of Guyana!

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