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School vacations in French Guiana : everything you need to know

School vacations are always an exciting time for families looking for a well-deserved getaway. If you're looking for an exotic destination, French Guiana is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable vacation. Breathtaking landscapes, unique biodiversity and a rich culture make it a place of adventure and discovery.


Plan your trip during the school vacations and get ready for unique experiences !

Dates for school vacations in French Guiana

School vacation dates in French Guiana follow the French school calendar. Summer vacations generally run from mid-July to the end of August, offering families a great time to explore all the wonders of this French overseas territory.


All 2023-2024 school vacations in French Guiana :

  • All Saints' vacation 2023: From Saturday October 21, 2023 to Monday November 6, 2023

  • Christmas vacations: From Saturday December 23, 2023 to Monday January 8, 2024

  • Carnival Holidays 2024: From Saturday February 10, 2024 to Monday February 26, 2024

  • Easter Bridge 2024: From Thursday March 28, 2024 to Wednesday April 3, 2024

  • Easter Holidays 2024: From Saturday April 20, 2024 to Thursday May 2, 2024

  • Ascension Day 2024: From Wednesday May 8, 2024 to Monday May 13, 2024

  • Summer vacation 2024: From Saturday July 6, 2024 to Monday September 2, 2024

Activities in French Guiana during the school vacations

Exploring the Amazon rainforest

French Guiana is home to a large part of the Amazon rainforest, offering incredible opportunities to explore the region's unique biodiversity.

You can take part in boat trips down winding rivers, observe fascinating animal species or hike the trails of the Kaw Marshes Nature Reserve.

Discover local traditions

During the school vacations, you can immerse yourself in Guianese culture by visiting Amerindian villages. Meet the locals, learn about their ancestral traditions, take part in craft workshops and sample the local cuisine, a blend of Amerindian, African and Creole influences.

Adventure in the Salvation Islands

Just off the Guyanese coast, you'll find the Isles of Salut, famous for their penitentiary past. Visit Île du Diable, where the notorious Captain Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned, or relax on the beaches of Île Royale. Take advantage of scuba diving to explore shipwrecks and discover the richness of the surrounding marine life.

Wildlife watching

French Guiana is a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Don't miss the opportunity to observe exotic birds in the Nouragues nature reserve, or go in search of leatherback turtles on the beaches of Awala-Yalimapo.

River excursions

Guiana's rivers offer a multitude of possibilities for boat excursions. Sail the Maroni River to discover the Maroon culture, or explore the Approuague River, lined with stunning scenery, waterfalls and secluded coves ideal for swimming.

Rent a car in French Guiana during the vacations

Are you planning to spend the school vacations in French Guiana and looking for a practical way to get around? Rent a car now with Europcar Guyane, take off with the family and easily discover the various sites to visit, such as the Guiana Zoo. It's packed with amazing animals to observe, including howler monkeys and jaguars.

Make the most of your vacation in French Guiana with Europcar !

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