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What to do during the rainy season in French Guiana ?

rain in french guiana

The rainy season in French Guiana brings with it a unique blend of challenges and opportunities. Lasting from April to June, this period is characterized by frequent downpours that transform the landscape. Along with these rains comes the risk of flooding and occasional power outages. While it's true that the rainy season can slow down your stay in French Guiana, in this article, we'll share with you 5 activities to fully enjoy what the region has to offer, even in the rain. For each activity, we'll indicate the associated level of rainfall: 💧 : light rain 💧💧 : moderate rain 💧💧💧 : heavy rain, risk of flooding.

 Playing dominoes in french guiana

5 Things to Do When it Rains in French Guiana

🃏Activity 1: Learn to Play Dominoes 💧💧💧

Playing dominoes is highly popular in French Guiana, surrounded by local folklore. Rainy days offer an excellent opportunity to learn this traditional game. Often played by three players, it's commonly found at home, in bars, or in public spaces. Recognizable by the characteristic sound of dominoes clattering between each round, the goal is to lay down all your tiles before your opponents and avoid being declared "cochon." In dominoes, someone becomes "cochon" if they lose three games while their opponents haven't lost any. It's a game of strategy, luck, and conviviality, perfect for passing the time during rainy days in French Guiana.

🛖 Activity 2: Relax in a Sheltered Hut 💧💧

During moderate rainfall, seeking refuge in a sheltered hut is an ideal option. This shelter provides an opportunity to share convivial moments with family or friends over a meal, board games, and lively conversations. You can also relax in a hammock, whether for a quick nap or to immerse yourself in a good book. The shelter is a truly special space where time seems to stand still. If the rain becomes lighter, you can even enjoy fishing. Just make sure to dress warmly and check the access to your hut. In case of difficult access, using a four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended. In its absence, consider renting a 4x4 for added convenience and safety during rainy episodes.

🎨Activity 3: Explore Amerindian Handicrafts 💧

Take advantage of rainy days to visit the Amerindian villages of Norino and Kamuyeneh and immerse yourself in their culture. From basketry to colorful jewelry, paintings, pottery, making cassava bread, and local gastronomy, both young and old will have the opportunity to learn and marvel at these ancient artisanal techniques.

🖼️ Activity 4: Visit Museums 💧💧

Discover a different side of French Guiana through its museums. In Cayenne, delve into history and cultural diversity at the Museum of Guyanese Cultures, or explore the region's rich biodiversity at the Alexandre Franconie Museum. Don't miss the Space Museum at the Kourou Space Center for a captivating immersion into the world of space exploration. In Cacao, visit the Blue Glider Museum to admire an impressive collection of 350,000 insect species, including the world's largest spider! Finally, in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, explore the history of the penal colony in French Guiana at the Transportation Camp.

💃 Activity 5 : Learn to Dance 💧💧💧

If you're looking to learn to dance, Café de la Gare in Cayenne is the perfect place. Its cozy indoor space of 200 square meters offers a comfortable refuge during rainy weather. With a warm and experienced team, you'll quickly feel at ease learning different Latin dance styles like Salsa, Bachata, and Kizumba. After an energizing dance session, you can order exquisite meals and cocktails offered by the establishment. In addition to dance classes, Café de la Gare organizes various themed events and activities. Come and enjoy this place to learn to dance and have a great time, even in rainy weather.

🛒Bonus : Covered Markets

If you want to experience Guyanese cuisine during the rainy season in French Guiana, the covered markets of Cacao and Cayenne are must-visit destinations. These markets not only offer an incredible variety of local products but are also perfect for sheltering from the rain. During rainy weather, you can stroll in peace, sheltered from the elements, while enjoying local specialties and discovering the region's products.

ℹ️ Practical Information

When is the rainy season in French Guiana ?

The rainy season in French Guiana typically occurs from April to June, although variations in timing and intensity can occur. During this period, expect frequent downpours and potential flooding, transforming the landscape.

Where to go during the rainy season ?

Despite the rain, French Guiana offers indoor activities and attractions to explore during the rainy season. Consider visiting museums, strolling through covered markets, and enjoying the atmosphere of carbets and eco-lodges.

What type of vehicle is suitable for the rainy season ?

If you're planning to explore rural areas or tackle unpaved roads in French Guiana, a sturdy vehicle with good ground clearance is essential. Weather conditions can turn roads into challenging terrain with mud and slippery surfaces, making driving difficult without the right equipment. 4x4s and SUVs are well-suited for these conditions. If you haven't already booked such a vehicle, we highly recommend considering car rental in French Guiana.

What are the road conditions like in French Guiana during the rainy season ?

Road conditions in French Guiana during the rainy season can vary significantly. While main roads and highways are generally well-maintained, smaller roads and rural routes may be prone to flooding, landslides, or washouts during heavy rains.

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