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Zoo of French Guiana : discover 450 endemic animals of the territory

Come and discover unique species in French Guyana and in the world, with more than 450 animals, that is to say more than 65 different species, your pleasure will only be equalled by your memories...

Discover the Fauna of French Guyana

French Guyana, a French department 95% covered by Amazonian forest, is an ideal refuge for a diverse fauna. The primary forest has allowed the development of a unique fauna in the world.

In French Guyana, there are approximately 100 different mammals, about 500 bird species and two hundred reptiles and amphibians. Entirely located in a tropical climate, French Guyana holds emblematic animals such as :

  • The dolphin of Guyana (pink-gray colors depending on the point of view),

  •   The toucan toco (emblematic bird of Guyana)

  • The tapirus terrestris (also called Tapir)

  • The bats

The Guianese fauna represents one of the key factors favoring local tourism.

Discover the zoo of Guyana

You want to discover Guyana ? Go and visit the Guyana Zoo that offers you more than 2 hours of walking with your family or friends, on a path that can be walked on (even if it rains), with a visit to the heart of the forest and the Guianese flora. Shelters are present throughout the visit in case of rain.

Initially created in 1983 by a local family, the Guyana Zoo is a French zoological park that was bought and is now managed by the Tropical Forest Park Group.

Good to know the Zoo is open 365 days a year, so no matter what time of the year you stay you can go there! It is located at the border of two communes of French Guyana: Macouria and Montsinéry, on the road of Galion, on the CD 5.  The Zoo is open seven days a week, including holidays. The last reception takes place until 16:30.

The Guyana Zoo is home to more than 75 Guyanese species. Go for a 2h30 walk, where more than 450 animals will be represented. An educational tour with audioguides in French, English and Brazilian.

The activities of the Zoo of Guyana

This zoo is accessible to all, clean and practical. The walk is done on a path that is practicable even if it rains, with a visit of the forest in the heart of a natural environment, the Guyanese flora. Shelters are present throughout the visit in case of rain.

The paths are marked, out of water, in short whatever the weather conditions during your visit you will fully enjoy all the activities we offer.

Between the zoological park, the tropical greenhouse, the botanical park and the children's playground, the Guyana Zoo is the ideal family outing.

The richness of the biodiversity of the Guyanese and Amazonian tropical fauna can be found on these 12 hectares of nature.  Walk in the forest, canopy, tropical greenhouse of immersion in this park of almost half a century.

Discover the animals: During your walk you will meet only local animals: iguanas, monkeys, jaguar, puma, macaws, black caiman and spectacled caiman, anacondas, kinkajous, red ibis, margay cats.

The tree walk: a more sportive course is also proposed to the acrobats, who will have a great time through wooden footbridges, monkey bridges, rope tunnels and zip lines. Explore the botanical garden: a little adventure in the rainforest. The Guyana Zoo is very green and flowery. You'll even find fruits! You will discover epiphytes, ferns ... You will evolve in the middle of different impressive plant species. Animals (birds, monkeys, insects) are free at this level of the walk.

To make a course in sofa: It is the occasion to observe the tropical flora and the animals in their natural environment in more than 20 meters of height.

How to prepare to visit the Zoo?

Visiting a zoo is an exciting and educational experience, so it's important to make sure you're ready for the trip.

Start by choosing clothing that is comfortable but appropriate for the weather. Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes if possible and avoid sandals. Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and/or an umbrella in case of variable weather conditions.

Bringing a small shoulder bag will allow you quick access to items such as maps, admission tickets and snacks, making your expedition effortless.

Don't forget your camera when packing, making sure the battery is fully charged before your visit. By packing these essentials, you'll make the most of your trip knowing you're both paying attention and enjoying the scenery!

Are you planning a trip to Guyana? Check out our article on how to prepare your trip to Guyana!

Entrance fees for the Zoo of French Guyana

The rates to access the Zoo of Guyana vary:

  • Adult entrance: 16,50 €.

  • Child (3 to 12 years old): 10,00 €.

  • Entrance for children under 3 years old : Free

In addition, you can also buy family passes: 

  • FAMILY PASS 2 ADULTS + 2 CHILDREN (3 to 12 years old): 48€.

  • FAMILY PASS 2 ADULTS + 3 CHILDREN (3 to 12 YEARS OLD) : 56,50

The price for the canopy activity:

You will be able to do a canopy tour in the Guyana Zoo for free. That being said, it is:

  • forbidden to children under 8 years old and 1,20m, 

  • forbidden to strollers, 

  • any minor must be accompanied by an adult

From 10 people, it is also possible to benefit from group rates:

On request via the website of the Guyana Zoo by internet: button "contact". By phone at +594 594 31 73 06

Guyana Wildlife Zone: Meeting with protected animal species

It is the ideal refuge for the most endangered species of French Guyana. Indeed, the Guyana Zoo is home to some of the world's most unique species ... Going as soon as the zoo opens (at 9:30 am) increases the chances of spotting the animals.

The zoo is home to capybaras, peccaries, coatis, harpies, golden eagles, buzzards, coendoux, cock-of-the-rock and rainbow lorikeets.

During your walk, you will come across dozens of mischievous, thieving, agile and grinning monkeys: capuchins, tamarins or splints with long prehensile limbs.

The enclosures of each animal are designed as similar as possible to its natural environment in the forest.

A true concentrate of the Guyanese fauna!

Margo Traimond, one of the few ethologists in France, is a specialist in animal behavior working at the Guyana Zoo. He has been working there for more than 2 years. The zoo benefits from a specialist who can communicate with the animals.

You can meet her during your walk in the zoo. She represents an added value to the zoo. A special character who is particularly appreciated during the VIP visits that the establishment occasionally organizes.

Tourism : What to do in Macouria

Route : How to get to the zoo of Guyana with a rental car

The Guyana Zoo is located between the two municipalities of Macouria and Montsinéry. It takes approximately 45 minutes to get there from the city of Cayenne. The Zoo is located on the Galion road, on the CD 5.

Macouria : visit the city of Macouria

Macouria, an agricultural town, is located between Cayenne in the south and Kourou in the north. The town took its name from a creek on the coast in the early 19th century.

The city of Macouria is very popular with visitors and tourists for its environment, its coastline and its leisure activities.

The botanical garden of Macouria

Vast educational space of more than one hectare, it represents the biodiversity of Guyana. The garden was created in October 2010.

You will find more than 2,500 varieties of plants mainly floral, including 1,200 directly from Guyana, maintained by a couple of enthusiasts specializing in the cultivation of orchids.

A real treasure for nature lovers but also for scientists. The free visit is priced at 10€ for an adult and 6€ for children between 3 and 12 years old. Guided tours are only available for groups of more than 10 people at the price of 15€ per visitor.

Tourism : activities in Macouria

We propose you a list of activities to do in Macouria: 

  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste church of Macouria

  • Royal Ranch

  • Theater of Macouria

  • The Garden Bois de Rose

  • Karting Guyana

Ultimately, one of the best ways to discover the Amazon nature, both the fauna and flora, is to do activities in the wild. Renting a car in Guyana will allow you to move around comfortably.

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