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Renting a van means benefiting from an additional volume to load luggage, equipment, furniture and boxes, professional material, rubble... Individuals and craftsmen may need to rent a van in French Guiana on an occasional or regular basis, in order to carry out their professional missions or to meet their everyday needs. At Europcar, a wide range of vans awaits you, allowing you to opt for the precise volume you need. From enclosed vans to small tipper trucks, various models allow Europcar to offer you the right vehicle for your business.

Why rent a commercial vehicle in Guyana when you are a private individual?

renault kangoo 600

The utility vehicle is often perceived as a type of vehicle reserved for professionals, who need to transport tools and equipment to their construction sites. However, renting a dump truck in Guyana or a van has more than one advantage for individuals!

The van is notably your great ally in case of moving. The further away your new home is from the first one, the more you will want to limit the number of round trips and therefore need to rent a utility vehicle offering a large storage volume. From the 3 m3 of the unavoidable Kangoo to the 12 m3 of a Renault Master double heightened and lengthened, Europcar offers you several categories to optimize your trips.

You will also appreciate the possibility of renting a van in Cayenne for all your big events. A wedding, a big anniversary or any other celebration in sight? Bring easily all the equipment you need on the place of the festivities thanks to a van! Chairs and tables, drinks and coolers, tablecloths and decorations will easily find their place.

Finally, the van is also practical for organizing a weekend with family or friends. Depending on the level of comfort desired or the number of people attending, a Kangoo or Renault Trafic type vehicle is ideal for carrying tents, mattresses, cooking equipment and other equipment essential to a successful vacation in French Guiana. And if your weekend promises to be an adventure, consider renting a 4x4 in French Guiana!


Professionals, rent a van at a great rate!

For many professions, the use of a utility vehicle is essential, if not on a daily basis, then at least occasionally. Thanks to Europcar formulas of different durations, you can precisely adapt the cost of renting a van in French Guiana to your needs. The variety of models available also allows you to find the vehicle you need for :

  • Going to the market;

  • Evacuating rubble;

  • Make deliveries;

  • Transporting equipment...

Europcar is at your disposal to meet your specific needs or those that are more long-term. You have just arrived in French Guiana and need to start your activity without delay but have not yet been able to acquire your own vehicle? You have an occasional surplus of activity and an additional vehicle becomes essential? Europcar French Guiana offers you the possibility of renting a dump truck in French Guiana or vans of various sizes to meet all these needs. Robust, recent and well-maintained, the vans for rent from Europcar offer you the reliability you need to carry out your business. Renting a van in Cayenne is a quick and easy way to meet your company's specific needs, with all the Europcar guarantees and advantages on mileage, rates and assistance.

Where can I get a van rental in French Guiana?

To rent a van in French Guiana, Europcar French Guiana has two car rental agencies located in the country. One is located directly in the heart of Cayenne's Felix Eboue airport: it is the most practical solution for renting a 4x4 in French Guiana as soon as you arrive in the country; the other is in Matoury, in the large Terca industrial zone, at the crossroads of the cities of Cayenne, Macouria, Remire-Montjoly and Matoury. Easy to access, these agencies allow you : To obtain all the necessary information;

  • To make a reservation;

  • To recover a rented vehicle on line or by telephone.

Several possibilities are thus offered to you to carry out the hiring of a dump truck in Guyana, a van or a pickup truck. Do not hesitate to contact the agency nearest to you by phone or email, in order to benefit from a tailor-made offer taking into account all your criteria. Are you unsure about the volume to be rented, the type of van or even the relevance of renting a 4x4 in French Guiana? Talk to Europcar's agents: they will be able to guide you according to your objectives, your budget and your driving preferences! Advice is one of the advantages of Europcar, the specialist in van rental in French Guiana.

You can also have your vehicle delivered to the address of your choice for even greater convenience!

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