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Rent a car Renault Captur in French Guiana

Discover the Renault Captur for rent in Guyana. Small urban and compact crossover for your trips in town.

Discover the Renault Captur for rent in French Guiana. A small, compact urban crossover for getting around town.

At Europcar Guyane, we invite you to discover the Renault Captur, a versatile vehicle available in a range of engines to meet all your travel needs.

Find out why renting a Renault Captur with petrol, diesel, automatic, manual or hybrid engines is the best option for exploring French Guiana in total freedom.

Several types of Renault Captur in our agencies in French Guiana

1/ Rent a Renault Captur Petrol in French Guiana

The Renault Captur's petrol engine is ideal for those looking for a responsive and enjoyable drive. With its high-performance petrol engine, the Captur offers fluid, rapid acceleration to get you around Guyana's roads with ease.

What's more, it's economical in terms of fuel consumption, enabling you to cover longer distances without worrying about frequent refuelling.

2/ Rent a Renault Captur Diesel in French Guiana

If you're planning to cover long distances or travel in a group during your vacation in French Guiana, the Renault Captur diesel is for you. Thanks to its efficient diesel engine, you'll enjoy excellent fuel economy, allowing you to explore the region's wonders without worrying about fuel costs.

What's more, the Captur diesel's smooth ride will keep you comfortable on rougher roads.

3/ Rent a Renault Captur Automatic in French Guiana

For a hassle-free driving experience, opt for the Renault Captur automatic version. The automatic gearbox will make your journeys much smoother, especially in urban areas where traffic can be dense.

Enjoy optimum driving comfort and concentrate on discovering Guyana's natural treasures without worrying about gear changes.

4/ Rent a Renault Captur Manual in French Guiana

Lovers of old-fashioned driving will appreciate the Renault Captur in its manual version. With a manual gearbox, you'll have total control over your driving, which can be an advantage on some of Guyana's more winding and adventurous roads.

Enjoy authentic sensations as you explore the natural beauty of this unique region.

5/ Rent a Renault Captur Hybrid in French Guiana

For environmentally conscious travelers, the Renault Captur Hybrid is a wise choice. Thanks to its propulsion system combining a petrol engine and an electric motor, the Captur Hybrid reduces carbon emissions while offering a quiet, pleasant drive.

This option is perfect for discovering Guyana's biodiversity while minimizing your impact on the environment.

So what are you waiting for ? Book your Renault Captur now and set off to discover French Guiana in complete freedom, while respecting the environment. Have a great vacation !


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