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Option to fill up the rental car with gas

When you rent a vehicle in French Guiana with Europcar, you must return the car or van with as much fuel as it had when it was given to you, in other words with a full tank of fuel. If not, additional charges apply which include the cost of the missing fuel as well as a refueling fee. To avoid unpleasant surprises and not having to worry about having to stop at the pump before returning your vehicle, Europcar offers you the option of a full tank of gas when renting a car in French Guiana, whose fixed price guarantees your peace of mind and undeniable time savings.

The advantages of the full tank option

Subscribing to the full tank option allows you to rent a vehicle in French Guiana for the desired duration and to return it with an empty tank. Indeed, you pay the fixed price in advance, which avoids you to have to stop at a gas station just before the delivery of the vehicle. A time saving which can be particularly interesting when the plane's take-off time is approaching and you are running out of time for example! Or when you have one professional task after another and you don't have time to add a full tank to your list of tasks. You just have to return the vehicle to one of the Europcar French Guiana agencies, and we will take care of refueling it. Moreover, the full fuel option is financially advantageous when you want to rent a vehicle in French Guiana while managing your budget closely. Indeed, it is available at a fixed cost set by Europcar, which allows you to benefit from a more interesting fuel rate than at the pump. Without this option, you will be charged an additional cost if you return the vehicle without filling it up.

How to subscribe to the full tank option at Europcar French Guiana?

The full tank option is a pre-purchase option. Therefore, you pay the amount when you rent your car in French Guiana. You can choose to do this in the agency (by phone, on site or by email), or online. As soon as you receive your rental car, you leave with peace of mind: no need to look for a pump at the last minute, to hurry or to constantly monitor the level of the tank! 


Note that it is possible to subscribe to this option in advance when you prepare your trip to Guyana, but also during the rental period. In this case, go to the agency or call us to add it to your reservation. The price of the gasoline option depends on the category of your rental vehicle. Most of the time, however, it amounts to 89 €.

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