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French Guiana, the perfect destination in December to spend Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, many people are looking for a change of scenery for a unique and memorable Christmas.

To escape the grey winter and the crowded streets of Europe, December is an ideal month to discover Guyana.


What is the climate like in Guyana in December ?

In December, the city of Cayenne, the capital of French Guiana, enjoys a fairly low amount of sunshine, about 6 hours per day and about 18 days of rain for the month. It is indeed the rainy season but there will always be more sun than in France.

The average temperatures vary from 24°C to 31°C, but depending on the year, temperatures can go down to 20°C and up to 35°C.

(PS: Don't forget your rain gear!).

Where to spend Christmas in Guyana ?

Several alternatives are available to you. If you are more of a city person, Cayenne is a privileged destination to spend unforgettable moments in December. You will have the opportunity to visit many unique places such as the cathedral of Cayenne or the famous museum of Guyanese cultures.

To discover the Creole culture, don't miss the Place des Palmistes after dark. Located in the heart of downtown Cayenne, it is a place that is often animated (food trucks, rides, etc..). It is the ideal opportunity to mingle with the local population and taste the local cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. For Christmas, you can expect temperatures around 30°C in the shade and a rather calm atmosphere where the "chanté nwèl" reigns.


(Place des Palmistes, Cayenne 97300, French Guiana)

What do you eat in December in French Guiana ?

The cuisine is quite similar to that found throughout metropolitan France, but some products are sold at a much higher price because they have to be transported from far away (oysters, foie gras, smoked salmon, etc.). In French Guiana, one thing that stands out is the pork and poultry that remain the flagship products in Guyana especially on December 24 during Christmas Eve. There are 5 main poultry products such as ham, turkey, guinea fowl, goose and duck.  Other purely Creole dishes invade the tables such as blood sausage, guinea fowl, small pies, red beans, cooked bananas, pig's feet.


An incredible mix of cultures

French Guiana is a mix of many communities that have preserved their beliefs and customs. For example, there are Amerindians, Hmongs, Brazilians, Haitians, Surinamese (Saramacas), and more, settled in Guyana. Each of these communities has its own traditions, and live together in harmony.

Unforgettable song of Nwel, a widespread local tradition

The "chanté nwel" is a Creole tradition that is very widespread in the West Indies, and that begins in December. It is a true moment of sharing that has its origins in the Catholic tradition, "the hymns" celebrating the arrival of the Christ Child.  It is a true moment of communion between the local population and combines tradition, Christianity and all the gastronomy that makes the folklore of Christmas.

Prepare yourself before leaving

The contents of your suitcase for a trip to French Guiana depend mainly on your itinerary, and also on the different activities you will participate in.

For a trip to the coast, pack light, comfortable clothing suitable for the hot climate, but also light shirts, Bermuda shorts and cotton T-shirts. You should also bring bathing suits, sunglasses, a hat and sun and UV protection creams. 

Are you planning to discover all the natural wealth of the Amazon jungle? Then don't forget to bring waterproof clothing, thick socks and closed shoes as well as repellent products to protect you from mosquitoes.

Don't forget your camera for souvenir photos, a toiletry kit, as well as your identity papers, passport and driving license.

Get around easily with your rental car

To get around comfortably, it is highly recommended to rent a car in Cayenne. Indeed, public transport does not serve all the cities. Moreover, cab rides are quite expensive. Renting a car will allow you to save money while enjoying maximum freedom in the choice of places to visit.

Book your rental car online now!

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