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Car rental in French Guiana between individuals: good or bad idea ?

To visit French Guiana or to face a punctual need of vehicle as a resident, the car rental between private individuals can be a relevant solution. As a professional specialist in the rental of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, Europcar offers you safer, more extensive and more comfortable services for families, travelers, professionals and Guyanese residents by aiming at safety and quality.

Car rental: a matter of trust

Renting a car or a van means committing to your safety. You will undoubtedly cover a certain number of kilometers, especially if you come to visit Guyana in depth or if you need a medium-term rental. It is therefore essential that the rented vehicle is in perfect working order. That's why Europcar only provides you with recent vehicles that are regularly maintained and serviced.  When you take the wheel of a Europcar car in one of our agencies in French Guiana, you know you'll be safe on the road. What's more, you're never alone on the road: Europcar's assistance service is there to help you 7 days a week in the event of a vehicle malfunction on the road. This means you can drive with confidence, which is less obvious with a car rental between individuals, where the vehicles can be quite old and receive minimal or even insufficient maintenance.  With well-known brands such as Europcar, you can avoid unpleasant surprises that could mar your stay in Guyana or disrupt your daily schedule. A recent and well-maintained car is indeed the basis of a solid and reliable rental service, which Europcar works to offer you on a daily basis and whatever your vehicle needs are!

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Unique services provided by car rental professionals

In addition to the disadvantages of booking a rental car with a private individual, there are also the disadvantages of the associated services. Renting a vehicle is not only about getting behind the wheel, but also about :

  • Benefit from advice on the type of vehicle to rent;

  • Personalize your rental according to your particular needs;

  • Being welcomed;

  • To easily access the reservation and the recovery of the vehicle...

With its agencies located at Cayenne airport and in a large commercial area of Matoury, Europcar makes renting a car as easy as possible. Several options allow you to benefit from personalized services, such as a full tank of gasoline, a queue cutter, cleaning, insurance management (young driver, collision, theft...), and many others. You benefit from a customized service that cannot be reached by car rental between individuals.  Car rental professionals in French Guiana such as Europcar also offer a wide range of available models and will be able to guide you according to your driving preferences and your objectives. This way, you can be sure to make the right choice and successfully complete your visits, your professional missions, your leisure activities and your daily life. Experience is a major asset that gives professionals resources that are difficult to find in car rental between individuals!

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