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With your family or friends, our minibuses can accommodate you

The family car rental allows you to embark the whole tribe in a single vehicle in order to discover French Guiana with your family, but also with friends. With the rental of a 7-seater or 9-seater vehicle, no one will be missing. This is the vehicle you need to leave for a weekend with all your friends or for a week of school vacations, in comfort and safety. Professionals, the rental of a minibus is also thought for you!

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What models are available for renting a minivan from Europcar?

Whether you need to drive your large family from site to site to discover French Guiana, a group of visitors for whom you are the guide or driver, or your friends to share a convivial moment all together, Europcar offers several models for your minivan rental. The available vehicles run on diesel and can accommodate 7 to 9 passengers, including the driver. Equipped with air-conditioning, they offer all passengers on board an appreciable comfort. You will be able to travel many kilometers with ease in your minivan rental so that you don't miss anything in your program! The family car rental also allows you to take everyone on board in complete serenity. Indeed, you can be sure to take the wheel of a recent vehicle that is well maintained so that you don't have to worry about anything. In the event of the slightest technical problem, Europcar's assistance service is available every day to repair or replace your vehicle: an appreciable comfort when you are taking children with you or when you have to deal with a group problem! In any case, don't hesitate to ask our Europcar agents for advice on renting a 7 or 9-seater vehicle.

When to book a minibus rental?

Visitors or professionals, many people may need to rent a minivan in French Guyana. The family range is naturally thought in the first place for families. These vehicles are ideal for tribes with at least 3 children, and which need an adapted number of seats but also a large storage volume for luggage. Rent them as soon as you arrive on French Guiana soil thanks to the Europcar agency located in the airport, in order to leave for a family adventure without further delay!  These arguments are also valid for outings with friends: there is nothing more unpleasant than having to multiply the number of vehicles to take everyone along, looking for places to park everywhere and checking that everyone is following the road. Renting a minivan puts an end to all these inconveniences, while multiplying the conviviality of the trip! Finally, minivan rental is also useful for professionals, who will find at Europcar vehicles adapted to the transport of passengers. Book quickly to cope with an increase in activity or to replace one of your vehicles at short notice when it is immobilized at the garage, and don't waste any time in your transport services!

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