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When to go to French Guiana ?

Far from the metropolitan seasons, French Guiana invites you to live an exotic experience all year round. Forget preconceptions about the rainy seasons: here, every season is appreciated. 

Whatever the period, expect hot and humid weather throughout the year, typical of an equatorial climate. It is generally 26°C throughout the year, with heat peaks which can reach 33°C, with constant humidity between 80 and 90%.  The arrival of rain divides the year into approximately 4 periods: the long dry season, the long rainy season, the short rainy season and the short summer.

Whether you're a fan of bright sunshine or tropical adventures, this article will help you choose the perfect time for your stay in French Guiana.  We will introduce you to the 4 seasons, know when to leave depending on the activities,

Heading towards the seasons of French Guiana :

enjoy the long dry season in French Guiana - © Canva Pro

1. The long dry season 

plenty of sunshine from mid-July to the end of November

Enjoy plenty of sunshine and moments of relaxation on the coast. The French Guiana dry season is ideal for seaside pleasures: relaxing, swimming and water sports. Explore the Amazon rainforest under clear skies: hiking, observing the flora and fauna, and discovering Amerindian and Bushinengue villages. A breath of adventure awaits you for a total change of scenery. Don't miss the open-air festivals like Boom Jam, Wyhcella and Smile, which punctuate this period with conviviality and color.

2. The short rainy season

a mild winter from december to February

Every year, French Guiana celebrates its carnival with enthusiasm, even in the heart of the “little rainy season”. Despite occasional showers, this iconic event is in full swing for one to two months. Guyanese don't let rainy weather stop them; they actively participate in the longest carnival in the world, marking a period of colorful festivities, dances and parades.

rain in french guiana

3. The great rainy season 

abundant nature from mid-April to the end of June

The flora and fauna are at their peak. Discover the beauty of short, intense tropical showers that nourish the forest and reveal magnificent landscapes.  This is the best time to observe animals like jaguars, monkeys and caimans. Don't miss the opportunity to witness leatherback turtles nesting during this season. An unforgettable experience !

4. Little summer

a sunny break in March and April

The "little summer" in French Guiana is a period marked by reduced precipitation and slightly cooler temperatures compared to the rainy season. During this time, outdoor activities are particularly enjoyable and popular. The beaches of the Guyanese coast offer ideal conditions for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. Hiking is also popular. In addition, it is a perfect opportunity to taste awara broth, a dish traditionally served at Easter, and thus discover the local cuisine of the region.

When to go to French Guiana for...?

  • Beaches and relaxation: from mid-July to the end of November -

  • Hiking and exploring the forest: all year round, with a preference for the dry season.

  • Wildlife observation: from mid-April to the end of June and from September to November.

  • Festivities and cultural events: throughout the year, with highlights in February and the summer holidays.

  • Family stay: from January to February and from September to November.

Don't wait any longer and plan your trip to French Guiana! Whether you're drawn to the glorious sunshine or tropical showers, consult our "What to do in French Guiana" guide now to discover the must-do activities.

Good to know for a stay in French Guiana

Planning your trip to French Guiana can seem complex, but with a little preparation you can ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Here are some tips to help you get started :

1. Accommodation

  • Airbnb: An excellent choice for feeling at home and having an authentic experience. You will find rentals for all budgets and in all regions of French Guiana.

  • Hotels: Perfect for a comfortable and convenient stay in big cities. You will find a wide range of hotels, from luxury to budget.

  • Carbets: Ideal for an excursion into nature. You will be able to enjoy a peaceful environment and direct contact with the Guyanese fauna and flora.

2. Plan your activities

Many activities in French Guiana are possible , from hiking in the Amazon forest to discovering Native American villages, including swimming on the fine sandy beaches. Some activities require a minimum number of participants to be reached. It is therefore important to book your excursions in advance, especially if you are traveling during peak season.

3. Rent a car

Renting a car is the best way to get around French Guiana and enjoy your stay. It is possible to collect your vehicle upon your arrival at the airport. Make sure you choose a car that suits your budget, your needs and the number of people. Guyanese roads can be in poor condition, especially in the rainy season.

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