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First of all, are you sure you're not confusing hybrid cars with electric cars? These two terms cover two different technologies, but it often happens that we talk about a hybrid vehicle instead of a 100% electric vehicle, of which the Renault Zoe rental is the best known example. When renting a hybrid car, you drive with two engines: one running on gasoline, and the second on electricity. Unlike an electric car, the hybrid vehicle has a specific engine powered solely by electrical energy from a battery.

How does a hybrid vehicle work?

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Firstly, a hybrid vehicle is equipped with a main combustion engine and a secondary electric engine: this dual engine is what makes a hybrid car special. For most models, the operation is as follows: the combustion engine drives the wheels and the electric motor accompanies its acceleration. For low-speed travel, the car operates in 100% electric mode. Thus, the vehicle does not consume fuel in : A parking lot; A 30 km/h zone; In a traffic jam. To operate, the electric motor requires a battery, often placed in a part of the trunk, under the rear seat or under the floor. This battery is autonomous because it is recharged during the deceleration phases thanks to the kinetic energy of the vehicle. The electric motor works like a generator: when you don't need its resources, it produces electricity that will be stored for the future, which means that it won't be necessary to recharge the battery from a power outlet.

Renting a hybrid or electric vehicle: what are the advantages?

The great advantage of renting hybrid cars is that they are much more economical and environmentally friendly than vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines. Thanks to its two engines, the hybrid vehicle consumes less than a vehicle with a thermal engine. This difference is noticeable during acceleration, when the electric motor supports the gasoline engine. You'll be more economical in the city, when you stop, but also when you start and when you drive at slow speeds. These are all situations where the electric motor is used exclusively! If the vast majority of your trips are in the city, then renting a hybrid car will allow you to consume significantly less and emit less CO2. If you want to drive with an internal combustion engine while limiting the price of your car rental in French Guiana and your consumption, Europcar also offers you its range of economical cars.

Why rent a hybrid car in French Guiana ?

From a financial point of view, the main advantage of renting a hybrid car is its low price. Renting allows you to control your budget more easily and to spread out your expenses on a monthly basis. Another advantage of not owning the vehicle is that it is an all-in-one solution, since several Europcar services are often included with the rental or are available as options, such as various insurances (young driver, collision, theft, etc.), cleaning and an additional driver. These are all solutions to free you from possible financial unforeseen events. In order to offer a better driving comfort to their customers, Europcar has decided to provide them with hybrid rental cars. This concept has allowed many people who use this type of vehicle to be able to drive with peace of mind without having to spend money on fuel. Hybrid car rentals are becoming increasingly popular. Today, hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular. Thus, most car brands equip their vehicle models with this type of transmission, which has the following interests: They offer drivers a more comfortable driving experience; No need to constantly change gears, especially if the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission; They reduce fuel consumption: a significant saving for the user;  The hybrid vehicle allows passengers to travel in a quiet vehicle and not to be bothered by untimely gear changes causing jolts. Renting an electric or hybrid vehicle goes hand in hand at Europcar because the size and environmental benefits of either type of vehicle are similar. The Renault Zoe is one of the most popular electric car rentals: find it at Europcar for your stay in French Guiana!

Hybrid car rental: which model to choose?

Before renting your electric or hybrid vehicle by the day, it is wise to think about the size of the vehicle you want to rent. This is because the price depends on a vehicle classification system in which size plays a major role. For example, an SUV will be more expensive than a city car. In order to save money, it is better to choose a vehicle that really fits your needs. You can make a reservation by phone or directly on the internet or by email. When making your reservation, you can specify whether you prefer to

  • Pick up the car at the agency;

  • Pick up the car at the airport;

  • Have your rental car delivered to the address of your choice (optional).

Europcar French Guiana offers hybrid and electric models of different brands and categories. City car, SUV, compact sedan: choose the model you need! 

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