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Rent a car without a license in French Guiana, book now

For those who do not yet have a driver's license but need to drive in French Guiana, as well as for those who have lost their license and cannot do without a vehicle while waiting to find it, Europcar offers a practical and easy-to-access solution that cannot be ignored in a department that is poorly served by public transportation: the rental of a car without a license. You can pick up your car at Cayenne airport or at the Carrefour shopping center in Matoury, and it is naturally eligible for medium-term rental. You will quickly regain your freedom of movement and will be able to take the roads of French Guyana again!


Who can rent a car without a license in French Guiana?

As its name indicates, the car without a license can be driven by people who do not have (or no longer have!) their driving license. However, some conditions apply to the rental of a car without a license. In particular, you must hold a BSR (Brevet de Sécurité Routière), which was converted into an AM license in 2013. This is naturally a solution to be favored when you are under suspension of your B license, but you must not have been banned from driving this type of vehicle. Renting a car without a license allows you to continue to meet your work obligations after a license suspension, or to be able to move around easily when you have not yet obtained a B license. At Europcar, you can rent a small car from the age of 18. With its low price, the car without a license is ideal for short daily trips but also to enjoy yourself with outings a little further on the weekend!

Rent a car without a license to find your freedom of movement

Limited to 50 km/h, the rental of a car without a license offers you a nice freedom of movement. You can go back to work, but also take advantage of your days off to organize a trip to the beach or go to the Cayenne market to stock up on groceries, while avoiding the fatigue of cycling or the endless walks of walking.  Europcar offers you to rent a car without a license adapted to your needs so that French Guiana becomes accessible to you again while you are waiting to get or pass your "B" license, and does everything possible to make the most of it.

Europcar agents to help you rent a car without a license You don't know if renting a car without a license is right for you, if you meet all the necessary conditions, how long you can rent your car or what insurance and services apply to the rental of a car without a license? The 2 Europcar French Guiana agencies will be happy to inform you. Visit us at Cayenne airport or in Matoury, but also by mail or by phone in order to know everything about the rental of a small car, and to make the decision that best suits your budget and your needs.

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