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To allow you to drive through French Guiana at low cost, Europcar has selected several models of economic cars, designed so that everyone can rent a cheap car in Cayenne, drive easily in town and consume little. Ideal for small budgets, these low-cost cars open up the possibility of discovering French Guiana to all budgets. If they are not cut out for the depths of the Amazonian forest, for which the rental of a 4x4 car remains essential, they accompany you perfectly during a stay along the coast, from one end to the other of the main road of French Guiana.

A cheap car rental solution in French Guiana

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Economy cars are economical models both in terms of their rental price and their fuel consumption. These cars are compact and easy to drive, which makes them accessible to all types of drivers. In fact, you only need to have had your driving license for 1 year to be able to take the wheel of a cheap rental car from Europcar. 

These cars combine pleasant driving and maneuverability with a low price. This is the solution to choose if you want to discover French Guiana on the ocean side, and if you are traveling alone or with a partner. To be economical, these cars offer compact dimensions that ensure a trunk generally capable of accommodating the luggage of two people.

Do you want to visit Guyana on a tight budget? Your program in Guyana does not involve having any particular performance? Are you looking for a cheap car rental in Guyana? The economic range is essential. The models are nonetheless recent and well-maintained, like all the vehicles in the Europcar fleet. In addition, you always have the option of customizing your rental: car with automatic or manual transmission, gasoline or hybrid engine, with or without GPS... Better than renting a car from a private individual in French Guiana: the rental of an economical car, with all the Europcar guarantees!

The economy car, the ally of your short trips and in town

Finding a cheap car rental in French Guiana is possible! Just make sure it suits what you want to discover in this French department exiled on the other side of the Atlantic. Indeed, Europcar's economy cars are ideal for driving on the main roads of French Guiana. With such a vehicle, you can easily discover the market of Cayenne, the space center of Kourou, the zoo of French Guiana, reach the beaches where the leatherback turtles come to lay their eggs, go up the N1 to the border with Suriname from where you can go up the Maroni river, or the N2 towards Brazil and the border river Oyapock. 

To go deeper into the Amazonian park of Guyana, however, it is better to change range. Europcar still offers low prices, but in the 4x4 and SUV category, to support more comfortably several hours of driving on tracks with very variable conditions. Always ask for advice from the 2 Europcar French Guiana agencies to make sure you make the right choice!

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