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Additional driver for his car rental in Guyana

Renting a car in French Guiana gives you the freedom to drive from Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni to Oiapoque whenever you want. In a territory where cities are far from each other and the public transportation network is not very developed, renting a car is essential. However, whether you're here on vacation or need a car or van as a resident, the option of multiple drivers can be a comfortable, if not essential, option.

Why choose the additional driver option?

Renting a vehicle allows you to visit Guyana more often if you are here on vacation or to ensure the launch or development of your business activity, for example, if you rent a commercial vehicle. However, if you are the only person who can drive, the situation can quickly become uncomfortable. Driving in the Amazonian forest, facing traffic jams in Cayenne or looking for the way to the Kaw swamp reserve can indeed be tiring. You'll appreciate being able to leave the wheel to another driver! Similarly, renting a vehicle in French Guiana for business purposes can become pointless if only one person is allowed to drive it. You need your whole team to be able to drive? You need to be able to ensure a rotation of drivers to ensure all your professional missions? The additional driver option, valid for any car rental in Guyana but also for vans, meets these expectations.

How to subscribe to the additional driver option ?

To take advantage of this option when renting a car in French Guiana, you have two possibilities:

  • Purchase online on the website, at the same time as your car reservation;

  • Subscribe to the option when you pick up the vehicle.


For 3 € per day and per driver, it is therefore possible to add the additional driver option even if you have already validated your rental. Any licensed person can be registered as an additional driver, including young drivers. In this case, you must also take the young driver option to rent a vehicle in Guyana. When your teenager or young adult accompanies you on your trip to French Guiana, he or she can relieve you of the burden of driving while reinforcing his or her driving experience on the atypical road network of this French department located in Latin America!

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