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Discover French Guiana with Europcar

The carnival is the event of the year in Guyana! It begins on the day of Epiphany with the arrival of Vaval the King of Carnival, and ends with the bonfire of the effigy of it on Ash Wednesday.
The Dancings, called "Universities" organize masked balls during which the men come to dance with the Touloulous. The Touloulous are the queens of the carnival: these women, disguised and masked, are unrecognizable. No man can refuse the invitation of a Touloulou. This tradition is peculiar to Guyana and exists nowhere else [
Every Sunday afternoon, parades take place in the streets of Cayenne, Kourouet Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. Groups disguised according to the theme of the year, parade around decorated floats, the rhythm of drums and brass. The afternoon ends with the "vidés", during which the crowd sways rhythmically, following musical groups perched on the rear platform of trucks.
Come and experience the sounds of carnival bands throughout Guyana at the wheel of your Europcar car hire.

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